We are past Stay Home so Let’s Stay Safe - Together

Why Masks And How Do

I Choose The Right One?

These are questions I’ve been asking and researching as we navigate through this new world of COVID19.

We’ve seen people making their own, variously stylish masks, disposable sorts and in the end is there a difference?

Your Safety Comes First

The hope is that when you wear a mask, it will

keep your droplets from reaching the air

thereby stopping them from contaminating

surfaces and people. Thus, many cities and

provinces are moving towards making masks.

Comfortable and Organic

Sustainable, organic materials are more

comfortable, breathable and will be more

effective. The final layer is a medically

approved filter (see below). Making filters from

materials at home is not necessarily a great.

Custom Made Designs

Our team has had to develop new safety

protocols and have collaborated with a custom

clothing production company - one of our

fashion industry partners - who has the

resources and means to create effective, safe.

In This Brief Interview

With Our Expert

Marcus Fraser From Mvf&a Where We Discuss The

Above Questions And Get Answers To Why Our

Masks Are The Best Out There Now.

Bamboo/Cotton Blend Masks

Super Soft Breathable And Environmentally

Friendly Masks Made In Canada.

All Masks Can Be Bought Individually Or In Bulk (special Colours, Trim Combinations Or Patterns Have A Minimum Order Of 24).

Shown In The Photo Is An

Accordion Fold Mask.

Supporting Local Businesses In Creating A

Comfortable And Stylish Mask.

Masks Are Individually Packaged And Come

With A Pocket For A Filter.

Please Ask About Volume Discounts

And Customized Options.

Our Partner

Our Partner Is A Licensed Medical Device Establishment And Is Manufacturing PPE For First Responders.

All Masks Are Made In Canada And A Portion Of All Sales Go To Purchasing Medical Rated PPE For First Responders.

Individual Orders Are


(Contact us for bulk order pricing over 100)

GST and shipping not included.


Our customized filter with our mask become a higher grade than the 3N95s.

  • They come in different sizes and match the size of the mask you order.
  • Each filter is meant to be used once and they come in packages of 5. For example, if you order one small mask, you would order one pack of 5 small filters
  • Each pack of 5 filters is $7.50
  • GST and shipping not included

Size Chart

Note That Masks And Filters Are Subject To Availability. Delivery Times Will Vary.

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